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the collection

selected by ANTHONY SHAW

to 24 April 2009

This is not a curated display, rather a glimpse of a collection in the making. It returns to how it looked 20 years ago although it will include recent acquisitions. Started with pots, chosen for their qualitites of surface, colour and form, it quickly included sculptural work chosen for its emotional and expressive vocabulary.

As works were acquired they would be added to the space, displayed as and where they could be fitted in a limited area. Not shown at their best and often contrasted with functional and sculptural pieces mixed up.

I remain very inspired by the magical qualities of fired clay (as well as the raw stuff) or ‘fluxed earth’ as Ewen Henderson described it. It is illustrative of the makers’ character and a great container and conductor of their ideas. I hope this display of 30 or more artists will convey this caught performance of making a statement.

Anthony Shaw

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