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Press release

exhibit selection

The Trustees of the Anthony Shaw Collection have great pleasure in announcing the next display - ‘Collection with a View’, running from 1st January to 24 April 2009. Rather than the normal guest curated selection this display, chosen by Anthony Shaw, aims to give a view across the whole Collection as it looked in the early days based in one small room. It will include more than 30 makers and contrast the functional and sculptural with textiles, wood and ironwork, shells and stones and pictures, as it was originally lived with.

Importantly the aim is to catch the feeling of a Collection in the making, when new works were fitted in until there was no free space left and the excess would be stored. It will include some of the earliest purchases and some recent acquisitions.

Looking back, Anthony Shaw feels that much of the work is really another form of painting. Instinctively made, instinctively bought - emotionally felt and finally very little to do with how it looks.

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