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Press release

collectors choice

The Trustees of the Anthony Shaw Collection have great pleasure in announcing the next display at 11 Billing Place, London SW10 will be

‘COLLECTOR‘S CHOICE’, 1 July to 30 November 2009
a selection made by John Christian.

John Christian is a freelance art-historian who has specialised in Victorian painting. He has been a consultant to Christie‘s since the early 1990s and has curated or co-curated many exhibitions. These include The Last Romantics at the Barbican in 1989, the Burne-Jones centenary exhibition that opened in New York before travelling to Birmingham and Paris in 1998, and the show of works from the Cecil French bequest that took place at Fulham Palace last summer.

Ceramics, however, have always been an interest, and one that only grows with time. ‘For me’, he says, ‘they are a sort of holiday, a happy alternative to my flat-art world where I have other friends and encounter altogether different aesthetic issues. It is a relief, too, that I do not have to know the answers (though it helps to know some of them)’.

The Anthony Shaw Collection is open to the public by appointment
Please telephone or email for information.

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