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18 DECEMBER 2006 TO 31 MAY 2007

I've long been fascinated with Gillian Lowndes' work and always wanted to show it, live with it. In this display I had already decided to home in on just one or two artists and to put together something different, more concentrated. Gillian's work I had always wanted to understand beyond my own personal response. Visiting her and Ian Auld's home in Camberwell many years ago has always stayed in my mind. Seeing their superb ethnographic collection made a big impression and I wanted to display her work alongside some of the pieces that had played such an important role in her life - to recreate in a minor way the atmosphere which I vividly recall. I wanted to give a modest but deeper sense of what Gillian is about.

In setting up this show I suddenly realised and was very moved by the incredible connection there is between Gillian's activity and Anthony's collection in general - the visual parallels were a revelation. I have the closely related work of Ewen Henderson and Gordon Baldwin lined up on the stairs and outside as if waiting their turn. The way Anthony has been able to tune into such an extraordinary phase of creativity has been intoxicating, affirming and also unsettling, given my long personal involment with all these artists. They have all played such an important role in my life - and of course, in Anthony's.

Tatjana Marsden
December 2006

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