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Gordon Baldwin - A Celebration


White covered Modernist forms, never repeated in whole, with aspects of both sculpture and painting drew me in the mid 1970s and I have continued on the journey that has captivated Gordon Baldwin ever since. His quest has been one of the main reasons for my Collection. The quiet beauty of his vessels that contrast volume and line with supposedly cool exteriors, masking many emotions, have forever changed my sense of beauty. Perfection is a dead-end and deadly dull - the tensions of continually working against balance and an easy image here produced a wealth of surprisingly dream-like pieces, as the title of his 1989 retrospective at Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam - 'Mysterious Volumes' aptly describes. The idea that starts a series is pushed and pulled as he works through and the finishing texture and marks of the surfaces always suggest new and exciting possibilities. All portraits of Gordon in his different studios have been flooded with groups of work as will this display, although each piece deserves a room to itself.

Anthony Shaw
July 2007

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