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Nancy Baldwin

Nancy Baldwin (1935 - 2021) trained at Lincoln School of Art and the Central School, where she studied ceramics, continuing her tuition in a more informal sense at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, painting and dying costumes for the resident ballet and opera companies. Stylistically she was a hard painter to bracket, having worked in both pure abstraction and figuration, with much of her art an interesting synthesis of (and tension) between the two.

The work, whether on canvas or paper, is often autobiographical in content and drawn from the important landscapes in her life, from India and France to Yorkshire and North Wales, as well as the literature she admired. Her narratives are also physically very expressive celebrations of line and colour and the medium itself, often with complex spatial qualities that underline their emotional charge. Essentially pictures about feeling and recollection, they strongly evoke the poetry of place and the natural world.

David Whiting

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