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James Thompson, who studied at Leeds College of Art and the RCA, is a spatial artist, one who redraws space and the objects within it; "My work deals with the perception of time and its interpretation. I work across physical and digital media using existing architectural spaces as the starting point, recorded and re-interpreted to construct multi-dimensionional experiences of reality". The way in which this archaeologist of place harnesses and re-interprets location is complex and deeply felt.

Thompson goes beyond common conceptual procedures, that of photography and film for example, and in a thorough and meticulous process, re-casts (often literally) and re-makes his subject. He works broadly within the disciplines of design, installation and performance, using various casting substances, kinetic and audio installation, video and scanning techniques. There is an almost forensic evaluation of space, one in which we get a strong physical sense of texture and material, both of the boundaries of that space and the paraphernalia that helps to define its dimensions and character. Thompson's "multi-dimensional experiences" relate to his interest in Cubism, and the Cubist philosophy that objects have an unfixed and indeterminate nature in space and in the span of time. His art attempts to fathom these multi-dimensions, and what results is a strong sense of the human imprint.

David Whiting

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