Trustees: Anthony Shaw, Tatjana Marsden, David Whiting

We are delighted to announce that the Anthony Shaw Collection has now gone to York, where it will be displayed on long-term loan at York Art Gallery. After almost seven years at Billing Place, it was felt appropriate to re-house it in a space that would make a larger proportion accessible to the public, but it will still be shown in a sympathetically domestic context. The sculptural nature of the collection, comprising about 800 works, will richly complement the Milner-White, Ismay and Rothschild collections to make York the largest holding of British studio ceramics in the world.

So, while its base in London is now closed, an exciting chapter opens with a new and spacious home in a prestigious art gallery. The Anthony Shaw Collection will continue as a trust with many important acquisitions and projects ahead. It is now being catalogued and photographed. Many pieces will feature in the exhibition ‘Gordon Baldwin: Objects for a Landscape’ which will open at York Art Gallery in February 2012. An exhibition of varied pieces from across the collection will take place after 2014. We hope to see our friends in York in the very near future, and our thanks for all your support while the collection has been in London.

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